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Ekochute Custom

Hoof Trimming Crush

Ekochute is an operator and cow-friendly unit, its modern design optimizes efficient and safe trimming for both the operator and the cow. The Ekochute Custom options allows the user to design and adapt their own Ekochute to satisfy their needs.

The Ekochute custom allows the user to automate functions of their choice, up to a maximum of three.

This unit is extremely popular where the operator wants some but not all functions automated.

How it’s done:

Step 1. Select your Ekochute Manual

Step 2. Select functions for automation; one, two or three motors.

  1. Rear Bar
  2. Double Belly Band System
  3. Rear Leg
  4. Front Legs

Step 3. Choose any of our optional extras that may make your life easier!

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Ekochute Custom

Hoof Trimming Crush


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